The Defense Contractor Complex (DCC)

Defense Contractor Complex

Yuma Airport's Defense Contractor Complex (DCC) is America's newest and fastest growing defense aviation park. Launched in January 2009, the 120 acre park attracts companies from Boeing to General Electric. The unprecedented early success of the DCC demonstrates the Airport's potential as a world-class center for the aviation industry and confirms Yuma's DCC role in developing the city’s Defense based economy.

The mission and purpose of the Defense Contractor Complex is to provide Government Agencies and Defense Contractors with a secure center for completing Defense Testing and Technological based activities in Southwest Arizona. We offer a combined package of first-class accommodation and business support, right next door to the region’s Defense Installations., U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground and Marine Corps Air Station,Yuma.

Airport and Defense Contractor Complex Layout

Our Defense Contractor Complex is located on 120 acres of Yuma International Airport. We have clean desert air, low humidity, no rain to speak of (about 3" annually), an average of 350 sunny days every year, 4 runways available, one being 13,300' - and most important, no landing or ramp fees for government and defense contractors. That adds up to near perfect testing and contractor support conditions!

Yuma's DCC targets and supports companies within the defense aviation industry. This unique offer means that the facility is drawing in companies from outside the region and even abroad. Those who want a permanent presence will be pleased to see that the community has home-grown talent who offer an excellent range of defense-based expertise including engineering, servicing, research & development - all on the cutting edge of defense technology.

aircraft maintenance

The Benefits of using the DCC include flexible tenancy agreements which are tailored according to individual needs, maintenance hangars, ample ramp parking, specialist aviation support, high spec aviation compatible office space, high speed broadband, security, CCTV and secure parking, reception services, site access 24 hours a day all year round, marketing support, tenant networking opportunities and workshops, and a city center location just five minutes away. If you need to work on something as small as an Apache helicopter or as big as a C-5 refit center, we can provide the facilities.

We are pleased to provide detailed information about our infrastructure and available facilities in the following pages

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