Foreign Trade Zone # 219

The Defense Contractor Complex is located within the General Purpose Zone of Foreign Trade Zone #219. This allows your company to take advantage of the following incentives for your successful operation. Visit FTZ website

Duty Deferral

Imported merchandise admitted into a zone is not subject to payment of Customs duties until entered into the domestic market, greatly enhancing cash flow savings.

Duty Reduction

When goods are combined into a finished product within a zone, customs duties may be paid on the component parts or the finished product, whichever is lower.

Duty Elimination

When exporting goods from a zone, no duty is owed on foreign sourced materials combined with merchandise while held in the zone.

Defense Contractor Complex Infrastructure

  • 2 taxiway entries with direct access to runway 3/21
  • Unrestricted access to 13,300-foot long runway
  • Aprons and taxiways rated for 980,000-lb aircraft
  • Mil-Spec security system with CCTV
  • No parking or landing fees
  • Within Foreign Trade Zone # 219
  • 24 hours per day/ 365 days a year access
  • Controlled access - easy on/off airport
    Hazardous materials and trash disposal
  • Fully functional engine run area, complete with a blast shield and sound deflector
  • Variety of hangars and office space
  • ARFF facilities provided by MCAS Yuma to include two Oshkosk P-19s, pumpers, and manned crash trucks


The Defense Contractor Complex's security infrastructure meets or exceeds the Department of the Navy and Department of Defense standards. FIPS 140.2 encryption is incorporated into the surveillance, access control and video analytic networks. A military specification CCTV camera system is in use around the airport's perimeter to include live video surveillance cameras, monitored access control and video analytics on a software platform provided and maintained by the Department of the Navy. Gates are controlled by secured card readers continually updates by fiber optics with built fail safe in case of power failure. Programming can be customized for rules unique to the needs of the airport or a specific area on the airfield.


The Defense Contractor Complex provides a fiber-optic infrastructure supporting a 10Gb fiber ring network with Public IP addresses for our clients. The fiber routes through a secure data center to a dedicated connection. The fiber infrastructure is part of a redundant power solution with "fail safes" built in.

State and Local Incentives

Arizona, Yuma County and the City of Yuma offer many incentives to benefit business and encourage job growth. MORE INFO

Veterans Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit

Federal tax credit offered to employers who hire veterans of military service. the credit ranges from $2,400-$5,600 per new hire.

Income Tax Credits up to $9,000 for Each Qualifying New Job

The quality jobs tax credit replaces arizona’s expiring enterprise zone program. it provides per-employee tax credits of $3,000 per year for up to three years. credits may be carried forward for five years. eligibility qualifications are different from rural and metro areas and focus on capital investment and net new job creation (5 new jobs – rural/25 new jobs metro).

$1.5 Million in Reimbursable Grants to Train Employee

Arizona provides reimbursable grants to employers that implement job-specific training plans for new jobs or for training plans that increase the skill level of current employees. award amounts range from $2,000 to $8,000 per position depending upon company size and location.

AZ Qualified Facilities Program

Offers a refundable income tax credits equal to the lesser of 10% of the qualifying capital investment, or $20,000 per net new job at the facility.

Foreign Trade Zone #219

Along with duty and tariff elimination or reduction, arizona offers up to an 80% reduction in state real and personal property taxes by operating in a federally qualified foreign trade zone. the reduction is good for the entire time that a company operates in the ftz.

Business Tax Reform

- Arizona’s corporate income tax will be reduced by nearly 33% by 2017
- Arizona’s commercial property tax ratio will be cut by 10% by 2017
- Five-year depreciation schedules have been increased
- Sales factor ratio’s for multi-state companies has been improved to 100%

Educated Work Force

On an annual basis thousands of Marines from Yuma's MCAS Air Station, many certified in Mechanical Engineering, Avionics Technician, Systems Maintenance, and Aviation Structural Repair exit the service seeking employment in the Yuma region. The existing skilled Avionic labor force that resides in Yuma is complimented with an additional 3,000 engineers located at the Yuma Proving Ground test center. An abundance of skilled technicians, mechanics, engineers and industrial trade employees creates a built in pipeline of DOD experienced labor that is very hard to find in most parts of the country. Programs at the local college level along with Northern Arizona-Yuma and Embry Riddle are equipping our workforce with the skills necessary to garner careers within the Aerospace and Defense industries.

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