Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you associated with the Department of Defense?

No. Under Arizona law we are a public-body and non-profit corporation charged with running the civilian aeronautical operations on Yuma International Airport.

Why are you involved in DOD operations?

Because we share the aerodrome of Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, it only makes sense for us to add value to what is going on. As a community aeronautical organziation that is literally in the middle of the two largest military aviation facilities in the nation it makes social and financial sense to support DoD operations here and at the Yuma Proving Grounds.

Why do you charge for these services?

Although we are a Non-Profit organization we still have to support ourselves. Providing services to the military and military contractors enables us to run the airport.

Can I rent one of your facilities on a long term lease?

Yes, as long as you wish.

I have some pretty strict requirements with unique considerations. Can you handle that?

Yes, tell us what you need, we'll put it together.

I need to get all this done and then pay for it when we're finished. Can you do that?

Maybe. Typically, we need some type of payment before you occupy the facilities. But give us a call so we can see what we can do.

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