Yuma's UAS Capabilities

Yuma County Airport Authority has transformed Rolle Airfield from a former WWII aviation training field into an ideal facility for companies focused on Aviation / Aerospace or UAS related activities for small-frame aeronautical systems and support equipment industry.

Rolle Airfield has the capability of supporting established companies and academia who possess proper FAA Air Worthiness Certificates or Certificates of Authorization to operate or perform R&D.

Rolle Airfield can also be used as a program build-up area for those testing their programs at Yuma Proving Grounds.

Rolle Airfield Features and Benefits

  • Managed by Yuma County Airport Authority
  • 640 acres of remote desert environment
  • CTAF 122.9
  • 2,800’ x 60’ newly paved runway
  • Elevation 163’
  • 10 mi SW of Yuma Int’l Airport/MCAS Yuma
  • Under SW corner of Dome MOA – floor begins at 6000’
  • 16 miles on the 184 radial off Bard (BZA) VORTAC
  • VFR Field
  • Full Security System w/ Access Control
  • Spec Hangar/Build to Suit Options
  • No Encroachment (3 Mile Radius)
  • Weather Observation Station
  • 350 days of sunny skies

Yuma Proving Ground UAS Facilities

YPG's North Range complex includes the availability of two complete central command-and-control centers that have the ability to exercise complete management over all UAS operations going on at YPG. This provides the critical third component, command-and-control, of the UAS system. The command-and-control facilities that we offer also include multiple fixed and mobile control centers specifically designed for the operation of UAS testing.

North Range Command and Control

YPG's North Range Complex also includes six airfields starting with Laguna Army Airfield. Laguna has two runways, four large hangers available for UAS operations, full crash rescue services and equipment, normal support facilities for a military airfield and is the logistical headquarters for the support of Yuma Proving Ground aviation facilities.

Laguna Army Airfield

The Castle Dome UAS Site is comprised of a 3000 foot paved runway, two 20,000 square-foot UAS maintenance hangers, which also include maintenance and shop areas, administrative space, and mission briefing rooms. Castle Dome also includes modern facilities for UAS training and UAS control operations.

Castle Dome UAS Site

Site Eight contains a 1,500 foot paved runway, five UAS hangers, ample maintenance and shop areas, and includes two 800 sq. ft. mission control rooms.

UAS Site 8

Location 2 includes both a 4,000-foot runway and a 2,500-foot runway. Also available are two UAS hangers plus maintenance and shop areas with additional office space. Along the edge of the 4,000 foot runway are operational control stations which are required by some UAS operators because they must be at or very near by the runway during the launch and recovery of their UAS systems.

UAS Location 2

The North Range Complex also includes a 5,000-foot dirt runway with easy access and full instrumentation for UAS operations.

5,000' Dirt Runway

Site B-2 in the North Range Complex has a 4,000 foot paved runway with a hanger and office space.

UAS Site B2

All UAS operational areas within the North Range Complex are serviced by broadband Internet over a dual ring fiber optic cable network, which provides a complete range of data and communication services. The fiber optic system is an integral part of the photometry and telemetry monitoring systems that are used for all UAS testing.